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The Net Positive Partner Program

NP3, together with the Low Food Foundation and top food research centers and companies, provides an unprecedented business learning and innovation program that supports company-wide executives, young professionals, and specialists to lead their organizations to thrive in an era that demands systematic change on how we design and run our food value chain.

NP3, a unique initiative and community, helps business leaders harness the power of scope 3 collaboration and the wisdom of crowds.

the learning journey

how we build each program

1. Understand

View the food system through different lenses, and understand where change is necessary. From farmer to chef, producer to consumer.


2. Experience

Take part in exciting activities and excursions to experience a variety of perspectives within the food chain. Be inspired and get your hands dirty!


3. Collaborate

Embark on this journey together with partners across different organizations and industries to enhance the impact we deliver.


4. Convert

Turn words into action, and change the mindset of your people by letting them become drivers on the road to net positivity.




Everything we do begins and ends in the kitchen. Through experiences, the knowledge of our faculty members, and collaboration with like-minded people, we will inspire your journey to net positivity.

Executive Program

Executive Program

Objective: Embark on a three day journey with a select group of industry executives to build new relationships and deepen your understanding of net positive opportunities

Location: Deloitte University

Duration: Three consecutive days

People: Executives connected to the food chain

young academy

young academy

Objective: Experience the reality of the food value chain through excursions whilst learning about net positive and developing next gen leaderships skills

Location: 'The Kitchen' in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and locations within the food value chain

Duration: Five physical sessions across a three-month period

People: Young talent from across the agri food value chain

In-house Program

In-house Program

Objective: Create tailored and scalable (e)learning programs for your organization to stimulate your employees to adopt a net positive mindset and become corporate change-makers

Location: Farms, kitchens and facilities throughout the agri-food value chain

Duration: Tailored to the needs of your organization

People: Young professionals working on agri-food related topics in your company

at the intersection between food-tech, ecosystem strategy, and sustainable innovation