Our consumption is taking a toll on our planet. The truth is, we've been taking more than we give for far too long. It's time to give back, and it's time to do it now.

Welcome to the Net Positive Network. We're an unconfined network of business leaders, startups, opinion makers, experts, and producers; all committed to making a real difference. For us, talking alone doesn’t do the trick. We take action.

By joining the Net Positive Network, you're not just making a statement. It’s a commitment to give back more than you take. Cutting emissions, rethinking energy needs, and increasing our carbon capacity; all on such scale that we’re actively working towards a net positive future. We start with our food system.

We believe it’s possible to live within the boundaries of our planet. We exchange ideas at the dinner table, collaborate, and spot and create opportunities. Together, we create momentum and contribute to building a movement that will shift minds and change thinking.

We recognize we need each other. That’s why everyone participates and is able to participate. By simply speaking up about what's on your plate, you contribute to our shared solutions. Only then can we make tangible results on our journey from net negative, to net positive.

Welcome to the Net Positive Network. Let’s give what it takes.



NP3 accelerates the Net Positive mindset throughout your business

The Net Positive Partnership Program is founded on the idea that we should start to give back more than we take from the planet and from people. NP3 cultivates net positive leaders and talent by giving them the knowledge and tools to put the future first. We help businesses bring the world to a better future.

Cross-industry collaboration

Collaborate with other participants with diverse, multidisciplinary backgrounds

food lenses

Collaborate with other participants with diverse, multidisciplinary backgrounds

Action driven

Take part in creating real business opportunities that come to fruition and don’t just stay on the drawing board

Connecting leaders

Broaden your organization's understanding of sustainability from the junior to executive level


Get to know the experts behind our programs
Joris Lohman
Food Transition

As a political scientist, Joris is fascinated by the `wicked problems` in our global food system. Together with Joszi, Joris founded Food Hub to accelerate the food transition towards a healthy and sustainable food system.

Joszi Smeets
Personal Leadership

As a social geographer, Joszi strongly believes that the food transition is driven by people and is therefore emotionally and culturally charged. It is so big but also very small, which makes food the best tool to have in your hands. Together with Joris, she founded Food Hub.

Nadia Zerouali
Culinary Entrepreneur

Nadia is a cookbook writer, TV chef and co-owner of the Couscousbar and of the product line Nadia & Merijn`s SOUQ. As a food entrepreneur, she tells the story of food, culture and identity in our programs.

Joris Bijdendijk
Executive Chef

Joris Bijdendijk is chef of restaurants RIJKS®, Wils, both awarded a Michelin star, and Wils Bakery Café. He is a columnist at Het Parool, founder of the Low Food foundation, author of several cookbooks and SVH Meesterkok.

Drees Peter van den Bosch
Food Transition

Drees knows the food system like the back of his hand. Started at Unilever more than 25 years ago. Was a pioneer in setting up local food chains with Willem&Drees and in recent years CEO of caterer Hutten. Now helping multiple organizations accelerate the transition to a regenerative food system.

Maarten Onk
Strategy & Innovation

Maarten specializes in long term strategy and is change agent and transformation catalyst. He is Program Director of the Net Positive Network, Managing Director of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge and passionate about the interaction between technology and humanity.

Arthur de Wilde
Sustainable Food Chain

Arthur is the co-founder of the Net Positive Academy, an educational program that aims to educate and connect young people working in the food system. As a Manager in Deloitte`s strategic think tank and research center, Arthur is always looking for ways to accelerate reduction of food waste and believes this is done most effectively through collaboration.

Tina Scheele
Customer Strategy

Tina is highly experienced in leading strategic transformations and supporting clients with digital strategy and marketing, sales and pricing optimization. As a Partner at Deloitte she leads the Customer Strategy offering and her clients include multi-nationals in the FMCG, retail and leisure industry as well as smaller private equity owned players.


The Net Positive Partner Program is part of the Net Positive Network. Learn more about the movement in the NPN website.



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